Biuletyn / Bulletin – 13-ego sierpnia 2017 roku / August 13, 2017

Parafia p.w. Narodzenia Najświętszej Maryi Panny
21 Wesley St., Sydney, NS, B1N 2M5
Tel.: (902) 564-4847
Witamy wszystkich! Welcome to all!
We are pleased to share our faith and rich traditions with the whole community.
Established in 1913. Church rebuilt in 2015-2016. Our second century of faith and service

PROBOSZCZ/PASTOR:  Father Rich Philiposki 902-564-4847 or cell 902-577-6331

MSZY/MASSES: Sunday at 10:00 am, 4:00 pm
Weekday Masses: Days & times vary
First Saturday of the month at 8:30 am
Novena to Our Lady of Częstochowa following the Wednesday evening Mass
Chaplet of Divine Mercy following the Friday evening Masss

SPOWIEDŹ:  Godzina do uzgodnienia z księdzem.
SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Anytime upon request to the priest.

SAKRAMENT CHRZTU ŚWIĘTEGO:  Prosimy o kontakt z księdzem conajmniej na 1 miesiąc przed planowaną datę.
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Please contact the priest at least one month in advance.

SAKRAMENT MAŁZEŃSTWA:   Zapowiedzi powinny być ogłoszone conajmniej na 6 miesięcy przed planowaną datę.
SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY: Intentions must be announced at least six months in advance.


Dziewiętnasta Niedziela zwykła / Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION (10:15 am Mass) is for Dawn Marie Wadden offered by the choir
TODAY’S MASS INTENTION (4:00 pm Mass) is for parishioners

Eucharistic Minister for today: Patsy Kiley

Ushers for collection today: Bernie LaRusic, Tony Gniewek


TRANSLATION OF TODAY'S SECOND READING: ______________________________________________________________________________


Monday, August 14: No Mass

Tuesday, August 15
: No Mass
Wednesday, August 16, 6:30 pm Feast of the Assumption (followed by Novena to Our Lady of Częstochowa)
Thursday, August 17, 6:30 pm Mass intentions of Jennifer Holmes Goldring
Friday, August 18, 6:30 pm Mass intentions of Michael Holmes (followed by Chaplet of Divine Mercy)

Sunday, August 20, 10:15 am The Mass intention will be for
Lectors: Teresa Fagan, Janusz Wawrzyszyn                                                         
Eucharistic Minister: Sophie O’Toole
Altar Servers: Matthew Pellerine, Frankie Chislett, Anthony Melski,Robbie Melski
Ushers: Toni LaRusic, Robert Melski Jr
Greeters: Herb Tucker, Catherine Tucker
Altar Society designated volunteers for August: Marilyn & Joe Gillis
Care Committee: to visit or send a card, please call Catherine Tucker (902-567-0146) or Vicki Aucoin (562-7142)

Sunday, August 20, 4:00 pm The Mass intention will be for
Lector: Bob Lewandowski
Altar Server:
Usher: Michael Gillis

Collection receipts for Sunday, August 6: $1012.25 (broken down as follows: $460.00 general collection, $180.00 monthly, $23.00 votive candles, $107.00 loose, $117.25 loose from first Saturday of the month Mass, $40.00 buliding fund, $85.00 rebuilding fund). Thank you very much for your generous support of St. Mary's Polish Parish. Dziekujemy bardzo.

MASS CARDS / VIGIL INTENTIONS: To reserve Mass Intentions / Vigil Intentions, please call Father Rich (902-564-4847 or cell 902-577-6331) or Carolyn Ardelli-Kiley (902-539-1725).

IN MEMORIAM DONATION: To make an In Memoriam donation, please speak with Shauna MacKay. These will be acknowledged in the bulletin. Building Fund contributions will go toward the new church. To contribute to the Rebuilding Fund, if you do not have an envelope, you can write on your regular envelope or cheque “Designated to the Rebuilding of St. Mary’s Polish Church.”







TEMPORARY SUNDAY MASS TIME CHANGE: For the next several Sundays, our principal Sunday Mass will begin at 10:15 am as Father Rich will be having a special 8:45 am Mass in Big Pond where there will be breakfast served ($7) in the Fire Hall. He needs a little extra time to make it back to Sydney.

SECOND COLLECTION: We will have a special second collection after Communion today to assist with Fr. Igor’s work rebuilding churches in Ukraine that were closed and disfigured by the former Communist authorities. Last Sunday during the parish lunch, Fr. Igor gave a fascinating and inspirational presentation about his work, and about the great faith and perseverance of the small but determined parishes that have accomplished so much

THANK YOU again to Father Igor Kozhydlo (Archdiocese of Lviv) for being our celebrant and in residence while Father Rich was away with many of our fellow parishioners in Poland. We wish Father Igor a very safe trip home and many blessings for his holy and dedicated work.

Our parishioners on our parish heritage pilgrimage to Poland and Ukraine arrive back today!

IMO Stella (Kowalczyk) Cameron from Bernice Ratushny
IMO Rev. Fr, Greg Andrusyshyn from Patsy Kiley
IMO Peter Stephenson from Aggie Stephenson
IMO Hazel Johnson from Aggie Stephenson
IMO Henry Pierrynowski from Joan Mosher
IMO Ed Mroz from Alison Etter and Tom Urbaniak.

FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION OF MARY (AUGUST 15): As there is no Tuesday Mass this week, we will mark the Feast at the Wednesday Mass (6:30 pm). This feast day marks Mary being taken up into heaven at the end of her earthly life. It is celebrated very colourfully in Poland, and it is the national holiday of the Acadian people.

GUEST BOOK: If you are visiting our church, please accept our warmest welcome! There is a beautiful Polish saying, “Gość w dom, Bóg w dom” (With a guest, God enters the house). Please sign our guest book on the back table. If you would like a tour of the church, please call 902-563-1226.

FUND-RAISING FOR THE COMPLETION OF CONSTRUCTION (KITCHEN): The final major phase of rebuilding is the kitchen. To help with the fund-raising and future programming for the kitchen (eg. cooking classes, community meals), the Rada initiated the incorporation of a non-profit society, the Whitney Pier Polish Kitchen Society, which will bring together parishioners and non-parishioners interested in promoting the kitchen and food garden. If you would like to be involved in any way, please speak with any member of the Rada. Thanks so much, everyone, for all your support and generosity during all the previous phases of the rebuilding … and for spreading the word!

SLAVIC HERITAGE FESTIVAL, August 25-27: Seeking prizes for children's games. If you can donate small prizes (new items), please bring these to Mass next Sunday or the Sunday following. There will be a tote box near the main entrance. We are very grateful for this.

Friday, August 25:
Polish supper, pierogi sale, and folk-dance demonstration at 4:00 pm at the Polish Village Hall
Saturday, August 26:
Hands-on craft demonstrations at Ukrainian Parish Hall starting at 10:00 am, Galicia St. naming ceremony at 4:15 pm, special joint liturgy at Holy Ghost at 5:00 pm, Beer Garden and party at Ukrainian Hall at 7:00 pm
Sunday, August 27:
Special joint liturgy at St. Mary’s Polish Church at 10:30 am, community picnic and cultural market at St. Mary’s Polish Church from 12 to 3 pm

GALICIA STREET NAMING CEREMONY: This will happen during the Slavic Festival at 4:15 p.m. at the corner of Wesley St. and Galicia St. (formerly Middle St.). If you have traditional Polish attire, please wear it to this event. Please invite family and friends. Everyone is welcome!

SEEKING INFORMATION ABOUT POLISH CHILDREN’S TOYS: The Library Committee (which will lead on developing the library and children’s play area) held its first meeting on Thursday. New members welcome. Jerry Pocius will chair the committee. One of the committee members, Kristen Fagan-Steele, would like to interview any parishioners about traditional toys they might have had as children, or toys from Poland. The idea is that the future items in the library and play area will be very carefully selected – interesting, unique, usable.

ST. MAKSYMILIAN KOLBE (1894-1941) FEAST DAY AUGUST 14: He was a Polish priest. He was active in the Catholic media and in missionary work (especially in Japan), Catholic education, and projects to help the poor. The Nazis who occupied Poland during World War II made him a prisoner in the horrific Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp. He suffered alongside the other prisoners, but he cared for them at every opportunity. Fr. Kolbe insisted on replacing a condemned prisoner who was being sent to his death in the starvation bunker as punishment because another prisoner had escaped. Fr. Kolbe, who had a strong devotion to Mary, was canonized by Pope John Paul II on October 10, 1982. Franciszek Gajowniczek, the condemned prisoner whose life Father Kolbe had saved, was there for the canonization.

Lotnisko (lot-nee-sko) - airport
Stacja (stat-sya) - station
Muzeum (moo-ze-oom) - museum
Kościół (kosh-chew) - church
Hotel (ho-tel) - hotel
Kino (kee-no) - cinema
Ulica  (oo-leet-a) - street
Restauracja  (rest-or-at-sya) - restaurant
Ogród  (Ok-rood) - garden
Gdzie jest....? (guh-djeh yest)-Where is....?
Gdzie jest lotnisko? (guh-djeh yest lot-nee-sko) - Where is the airport?
Obok (o-bok) - Next to
Stacja jest obok kina. (stat-sya yest o-bok kee-na) - The station is next to the cinema.
Zwiedzam (zvee-yed-zam) -  I am sightseeing
Zwiedzam kościół. (zvee-yed-zam kosh-chew)- I am visiting the church.

IN MEMORIAM / BUILDING FUND ENVELOPES / REBUILDING FUND ENVELOPES are at the back of the church. Many thanks for your support.

TO CONTRIBUTE ON-LINE TO OUR REBUILDING, PLEASE GO TO OUR PARISH WEB HOME PAGE ( and please click the link to our Canada Helps donation page. It’s a secure system and you’ll receive your charitable tax receipt promptly. Thanks for your support! Please spread the word.

REBUILDING FUND CONTRIBUTIONS: Building Fund contributions will go toward the new church. To contribute to the rebuilding if you do not have an envelope, you can also write on your regular envelope or cheque “Designated to the Rebuilding of St. Mary’s Polish Church.”.Donations can also be made by regular mail: St. Mary's Polish Parish 21 Wesley St. , Sydney, N.S. B1N 2M5. Thank you so much for your support.

THE RENOVATED AND REFURBISHED POLISH VILLAGE HALL is a comfortable, well appointed, modernized venue for events large and small. Please consider renting the hall for your events. Please call 564-8494.


Życzenia na miłego nowego tygodnia / Wishing you a blessed week! Bóg zapłać!


TODAY’S HYMNS: 10:15 am Mass
Entrance:  Witaj, Maryjo, śliczna Pani (Welcome, Mary, Resplendent Lady)                            
Offertory: Idźmy, tulmy się jak dziatki (Let Us Go and Take Refuge)
Communion: Daj Mi Jezusa (Grant Me Jesus)
Post-Communion: Jezu Bądż ze Mną (Jesus, Be with Me)
Recessional: Serdeczna Matko (Beloved Mother)

TODAY’S HYMNS: 4:00 pm Mass (See Pages in St. Joseph Sunday Missal)
Immaculate Mary  (Nr.41 p619)
Recessional: Hail Holy Queen (Nr.43 p620)