Biuletyn / Bulletin – 4-ego września 2016 roku / September 4, 2016

Parafia p.w. Narodzenia Najświętszej Maryi Panny
21 Wesley St., Sydney, NS, B1N 2M5
Tel.: (902) 564-4847
Witamy wszystkich! Welcome to all!
We are pleased to share our faith and rich traditions with the whole community.
Established in 1913. Our second century of faith and service … WE WILL RISE AGAIN

PROBOSZCZ/PASTOR:  Father Paul Murphy 564-4355, (as of Sept 10: Father Rich Philiposki, 902-564-4847)

MSZY/MASSES: Sunday at 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday & Friday Masses will be held beginning the week of September 11th at 6:30 p.m.
Novena to Our Lady of Częstochowa will be said before Sunday Masses and after Wednesday evening Masses.

SPOWIEDŹ:  Godzina do uzgodnienia z księdzem.
SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Anytime upon request to the priest.

SAKRAMENT CHRZTU ŚWIĘTEGO:  Prosimy o kontakt z księdzem conajmniej na 1 miesiąc przed planowaną datę.
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Please contact the priest at least one month in advance.

SAKRAMENT MAŁZEŃSTWA:   Zapowiedzi powinny być ogłoszone conajmniej na 6 miesięcy przed planowaną datę.
SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY: Intentions must be announced at least six months in advance.


Dwudziesta Trzecia Niedziela zwykła / Twenty Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION is for Marcel Thompson offered by Genevieve & Janusz Wawrzyszyn. Wieczny odpoczynek racz Mu dać, Panie, a światłość wiekuista niechaj Mu świeci. Niech odpoczywa w pokoju wiecznym. Amen

TODAY'S RESPONSORIAL PSALM: “Panie, Ty zawsze byłeś nam ucieczką” (Lord, You have always been our refuge.) Pronunication: Pa-nee-e / ti / za-f-sh-e / b-i-we-sh / nam / oo-chech-ko

Eucharistic Minister for today: Janet Hawthorne

Ushers for collection today: Bernie LaRusic, Joe Gillis

The VIGIL CANDLE this week is for Ron Melski from his family.



WEEKDAY MASSES: Beginning the week of September 11, we will have Masses on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30 p.m. Please invite others. Everyone is welcome! Novena to Our Lady of Czestochowa is prayed 15 minutes before our Sunday Mass. Also, after the Wednesday Masses, Father Rich will lead us in the Novena to Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Sunday, September 11, 10:00 a.m. (Sunday closest to our parish feast day). The Mass intention will be for Raymond Kiley offered by Patsy Kiley & family.
Lectors:  Noah Starzomski-Wilson, Anne Marie Campbell, Janusz Wawrzyszyn (additional reader due to our parish feast day)                                                               
Eucharistic Minister: Marilyn Gillis
Altar Servers: Brianna Pellerine, Anthony Melski, Frankie Chislett
Ushers: Tony Gniewek, Toni LaRusic
Greeters: Anna Wesolkowska, Marjorie Ardelli
Altar Society designated volunteers for September: Peggy Ryba, Delores Starzomski
Care Committee: to visit or send a card, please call Catherine Tucker (902-567-0146)

Collection receipts for Sunday, August 28: $931.00 (broken down as follows: $851.00 general collection, $80.00 rebuilding fund). Thank you very much for your generous support of St. Mary's Polish Parish. Dziekujemy bardzo.

MASS CARDS: To reserve Mass Intentions please call Carolyn Ardelli-Kiley 902-539-1725.

IN MEMORIAM DONATION: To make an In Memoriam donation, please speak with Shauna MacKay. These will be acknowledged in the bulletin. Building Fund contributions will go toward the new church. To contribute to the Rebuilding Fund, if you do not have an envelope, you can write on your regular envelope or cheque “Designated to the Rebuilding of St. Mary’s Polish Church.”

“IMIENINY” (NAME DAYS) FOR THE COMING WEEK. Help to maintain a longstanding Polish Catholic tradition by acknowledging relatives, friends, and colleagues who are celebrating their “name day,” corresponding with the feast day of a saint of the same name.  Where there is more than one saint of the same name who has been assigned a day, your “name day” is the one closest to your birthday. It is customary in the Polish tradition to acknowledge the name day of a relative or friend:
September 4: Dorota, Justyna
September 5: Dorota, Justyna
September 6: Albin, Beata, Eugenia
September 7: Marek, Regina, Rena, Ryszard
September 8: Adrian, Adrianna, Maria
September 9: Augustyna, Aureliusz, Piotr
September 10: Aldona, Łukasz
September 11: Feliks, Jacek, Jan




A NOTE FROM FATHER PAUL: Thank you: Again, I want to express my most sincere thanks to all those who made possible the farewell for me last Sunday. It was a nice gathering for such an occasion. To all those who were so generous to me with cards and gifts, but most especially with words of appreciation – my most sincere thanks. May God bless each and every one of you. – Father Paul

LUNCH NEXT SUNDAY AFTER MASS / MEET-AND-GREET WITH OUR NEW PASTOR, FATHER RICH PHILIPOSKI: We will gather on the parish lawn or, in case of inclement weather, in the Polish Village Hall. The following is a list of parishioners who are next in the rotation to please bring a dish. Thank you so much for your help: Tony Gniewek, Larry Gniewek, Patricia Paruch, Stella Paruch, Christa Porter, Edmund and Maria Rudiuk, Lynette Ryba, Peggy Ryba, Delores and Frank Starzomski, Krista Ann Starzomski, Catherine and Herb Tucker, Elaine Tynski-Shipley, Nellie Tynski, Tom Urbaniak, Genevieve and Janusz Wawrzyszyn, Anna Wesolkowska.

GUEST BOOK: If you are visiting our church, please accept our warmest welcome! Please sign our guest book on the back table.

ALTAR SOCIETY: There will be a short meeting of the Altar Society today after Mass in front of the altar.

PHASE 2 OF OUR CONSTRUCTION: This will be getting underway soon. The first increment will include mechanical and electrical, ceiling, lighting, and drywall. The goal is to do enough work to get a basic occupancy permit for “Sala 1050” (back section) as soon as possible, and then work on the next steps (like the kitchen).

DO YOU HAVE STORAGE SPACE YOU CAN LEND? As we start into Phase 2 of construction, we will need to find storage space for about two months. Do you have any you can lend? Please call 902-563-1226. Thank you!

FUND-RAISING: To complete Phase 2, we will still need to raise about $85,000. This will include several fall events, appeal for corporate and organizational sponsorships, and individual donations. Phase 2 rebuilding envelopes are at the back of the church.

IN MEMORIAM / BUILDING FUND ENVELOPES are at the back of the church.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Please note in your calendar the following to support our rebuilding: Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival -- Sunday, October 30; Pre-Christmas bazaar: Saturday, November 19. Dinner theatre and St. Nicholas/concert dates will be announced soon.

RESTORATION OF THE MANITOBA ALTAR: Maura McKeough, Director of Cultural Resources for Fortress of Louisbourg/Parks Canada, will be visiting on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. to provide further advice on possible next steps for restoration of the Manitoba altar, including gilding. Members of the Sacred Objects Committee and anyone else who wishes to attend are most welcome.

DONORS’ PLAQUES: We are going to give a little more time to solicit Phase 2 donors before finalizing the donors’ plaques for the church, which will be displayed permanently. We are so grateful for all the generous donations that have come in to date! Thanks for sharing postcards and encouragement with others.

IMO Lawrence Burman from Anna Wesolkowska
In recognition of Father Paul from Anna Wesolkowska

PLEASE NOTE:If you are unable to attend, please ask one of the other people serving in the same ministry and please also send a note to or call 902-563-1226. Dziekuje bardzo! Thank you to everyone who serves in these and other ministries. What you do helps our parish in so many ways.

September 11: Marilyn Gillis
September 18: Frank Starzomski
September 25: Janet Hawthorne

September 11: Noah Starzomski-Wilson, Anne Marie Campbell, Janusz Wawrzyszyn (additional reader due to parish feast day)
September 18:  Anna Wesolkowska, Robert Lewandowski
September 25: Stephanie Black, Edyta Baczyk

Sept 11. Brianna Pellerine, Anthony Melski, Frankie Chislett
Sept 18. Caleigh Pellerine, Matthew Pellerine, Sebastian Melski
Sept 25. Brianna Pellerine, Anthony Melski, James Clarke


September 11: Anna Wesolkowska, Marjorie Ardelli
September 18: Shirley Ardelli, Carolyn Ardelli-Kiley
September 25: Victoria Aucoin, Stephanie Black

CATECHISM / YOUTH EDUCATION -- PLEASE NOTE : Father Rich will be recruiting Catechism teachers for our parish. He will provide guidance, leadership and preparation. If you would like to help, please call 902-563-1226.

CANONIZATION OF MOTHER TERESA: Rebroadcast on EWTN today at 12:30

SPECIAL PRAYERS: Sept. 1 was the anniversary of the start of World War II, the most murderous war in history. It started in the early hours of that morning when Germany invaded Poland. We pray for all victims of war and oppression, and for God’s peace to reign in our world.

TRANSLATION OF TODAY’S FIRST READING – FROM THE BOOK OF WISDOM: Who can know God’s counsel, or who can conceive what the LORD intends?
For the deliberations of mortals are timid, and unsure are our plans. For the corruptible body burdens the soul and the earthen shelter weighs down the mind that has many concerns. And scarce do we guess the things on earth, and what is within our grasp we find with difficulty; but when things are in heaven, who can search them out? Or who ever knew your counsel, except you had given wisdom and sent your holy spirit from on high? And thus were the paths of those on earth made straight.

TO CONTRIBUTE ON-LINE TO OUR REBUILDING, PLEASE GO TO OUR PARISH WEB HOME PAGE ( and please click the link to our Canada Helps donation page. It’s a secure system and you’ll receive your charitable tax receipt promptly. Thanks for your support! Please spread the word. We are hoping to be able to start Phase II (hall/library/kitchen) very soon after the church opens.

REBUILDING FUND ENVELOPES are at the back of the church. Thank you for your support.

REBUILDING FUND CONTRIBUTIONS: Building Fund contributions will go toward the new church. To contribute to the rebuilding if you do not have an envelope, you can also write on your regular envelope or cheque “Designated to the Rebuilding of St. Mary’s Polish Church.”. Donations can also be made by regular mail: St. Mary's Polish Parish 21 Wesley St. , Sydney, N.S. B1N 2M5. We still need to raise about $150,000 to complete Phase 2. Thank you so much for your support.

THE RENOVATED AND REFURBISHED POLISH VILLAGE HALL is a comfortable, well appointed, modernized venue for events large and small. Please consider renting the hall for your events. Please call 564-8494.


Życzenia na miłego nowego tygodnia / Wishing you a blessed week! Bóg zapłać!


Entrance: Pod twą obronę [Under Your Protection]
Offertory: Bądźże pozdrowiona  [Be Praised]
Communion: Już przyszedł Jezus  [Jesus Has Arrived]
Post-Communion: Jezu bądź, ze Mną  [Jesus, Be With Me]
Closing: Marii chwałę śpiewać będziem [Mary’s Praises I Will Sing]