Biuletyn/Bulletin – 16-ego września 2012 roku/ September 16, 2012

Parafia p.w. Narodzenia Najświętszej Maryi Panny
21 Wesley St., Sydney, NS, B1N 2M5
Tel.: 564-4847; Fax: 564-2260
Preparing for our 100th anniversary (2013).
Witamy wszystkich! Welcome to all!
We are pleased to share our faith and rich traditions with the whole community.

PROBOSZCZ/PASTOR:  Father Paul Murphy 564-4355
MSZA ŚWIĘTA jest odprawiana w niedziele o godz. 9.30
HOLY MASS: Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

SPOWIEDŹ:  Godzina do uzgodnienia z księdzem.
SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Anytime upon request to the priest.

SAKRAMENT CHRZTU ŚWIĘTEGO:  Prosimy o kontakt z księdzem conajmniej na 1 miesiąc przed planowaną datę.
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Please contact the priest at least one month in advance.

SAKRAMENT MAŁZEŃSTWA:   Zapowiedzi powinny być ogłoszone conajmniej na 6 miesięcy przed planowaną datę.
SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY: Intentions must be announced at least six months in advance.


Dwudziesta czwarta niedziela zwykŀa/24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION is for the late Stella Ryba-Granville, offered by Frania and family. Eternal rest grant onto her O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon her. Wieczny odpoczynek racz Jej dać Panie, a swiatłość wiekuista niechaj Jej swieci na wieki wieków. Amen.



Wednesday, September 19, 6:30 p.m.: Mass followed by Novena to Our Lady of Częstochowa
For George Cameron offered by Patsy Kiley & family

Sunday, September 23, 9:30 a.m.  The Mass intention will be for Charlie Ardelli offered by Frania and family.

Eucharistic Minister: Janet Hawthorne
Altar Servers: Nikolas & Noah

The Vigil Candle for this week and next week is in memory of Antonia and Józef Ryba offered by Frania and family.

Collection receipts for Sunday, September 9: $974.70 (broken down as follows: $745.75 weekly contributions, $41.30 monthly supplementary contributions, $80.65 candles, $100.00 additional donations, and $7.00 building fund).  Sincere thanks for your support of St. Mary’s Polish Parish, a cherished community and a sacred, historic place!

“IMIENINY” (NAME DAYS) FOR THE COMING WEEK. Help to maintain a longstanding Polish Catholic tradition by acknowledging relatives, friends, and colleagues who are celebrating their “name day,” corresponding with the feast day of a saint of the same name.  Where there is more than one saint of the same name who has been assigned a day, your “name day” is the one closest to your birthday. It is customary in the Polish tradition to acknowledge the name day of a relative or friend:
September 16: Cyprian, Edyta, Eugenia, Franciszek, Kamila, Lucja, Łucja, Wiktor
September 17: Franciszek, Justyn, Justyna, Teodora   
September 18: Irena, Józef, Stefania   
September 19: Konstancja, Teodor   
September 20: Irena  
September 21: Mateusz, Jonasz, Laurenty, Mira   
September 22: Joachim, Maurycy, Prosimir, Scott, Tomasz  
September 23: Bogusław



POLISH FESTIVAL 2012: SERDECZNIE DZIĘKUJEMY!: Last Sunday’s Polish Festival was a great success! We were delighted to welcome many visitors and guests. Also, we were indeed blessed with the good weather.  A sincere thanks to:
-Father Paul for the special blessing.
-All volunteers who helped with cooking, baking, set-up, clean-up, marketing, greeting, distribution of programs, raffle-ticket sales, entertainment, the bar, the barbecue, the children’s games, the decorating, and the many other functions. We cannot include every name in the bulletin for reasons of space and fear of missing someone, but this was a remarkable collective effort. The help of each and every volunteer is valued.
-Festival chair Shari McKay and to the Pogoria Polish Folk Ensemble; and to Shauna McKay for her considerable logistical work.
-Peggy Ryba, who coordinated dinner preparations, and all who worked tirelessly on those preparations in the weeks preceding.  Peggy extends special thanks to her colleagues who ensured excellent meal service under pressure at the event: Delores, Catherine, Marjorie, Stephanie, Carolyn and Evelyn.
-St. Cecilia Choir, Pomorze Polish Dance Ensemble, and Zavtra-Yuviley (local Ukrainian dance group)
-Paul Tynski for the church tours and pre-festival painting
-Father Roman Dusanowskyj
-Donors of prizes and other goods and services used at the festival
-Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation for support under its Festivals and Events Program
-Cape Breton Regional Municipality for lending the temporary stage
At its meeting this week, the Parish Planning Team will be doing a “debriefing” of the festival. Please feel free to share any feedback and suggestions for next year.

SPECIAL BLESSING FOR THE ST. MICHAEL’S POLISH BENEFIT SOCIETY: at our 9:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday, September 30 -- coinciding with the Feast of St. Michael (Sept. 29). A light lunch (potluck) will follow. The Society would be very grateful to anyone who could prepare a dish and drop it off downstairs before Mass on Sept. 30. The Society was founded in 1909 and remains very active!

VIGIL CANDLE INTENTIONS are being accepted for Oct. 29/Nov. 5; Nov. 12/Nov. 19; Nov. 26/Dec. 3. Please call 563-1226.

CONFIRMATION PROGRAM: A Confirmation program will begin at Holy Redeemer Parish in October and finish in December. If anyone is interested, there will be a meeting for parents, students, and catechists on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 7pm, in the basement of Holy Redeemer Church. Classes will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 6-8pm, also in the church basement. Confirmation will be conferred by Bishop Dunn on Sunday, Dec. 16, at Holy Redeemer’s 11am Mass. If interested in registering for these classes, please call Marie MacIntyre at 562-5657 or 270-6535

DIOCESAN CELEBRATION OF THE CANONIZATION OF KATERI TEKAKWITHA: Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha will be canonized in Rome on October 21, 2012. This is a historic event for Aboriginal peoples, especially in North America. A diocesan celebration will take place at St. Ninian Cathedral on Sunday, November 4 at 3 pm. Our parish is invited to send representatives. If you would like to be part of our parish delegation, please call 563-1226.

St. Zygmunt Szczęsny Feliński (1822-1895) Canonized in 2009 Feast day: September 17 : St. Zygmunt Szczęsny Feliński was Archbishop of Warsaw during Russian occupation. For 123 years, Poland was divided between Russia, Prussia, and Austria-Hungary. (In fact, the resulting conditions led many of the founders of our parish to seek refuge and sustenance in Canada.) Archbishop Feliński protested acts of oppression and defended the sanctity and sanctuary of the churches, a sanctity often breached by the authorities.  He also established the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary to feed starving children and help impoverished parishes that were being persecuted by tsarist authorities.  He was sent into a long exile of almost 20 years, during which he was prohibited contact with Warsaw

VISIT OF THE HOLY FATHER TO LEBANON, September 14-16: The following is an excerpt from the address of Pope Benedict XVI in St. Paul’s Basilica, Harissa, Lebanon, on Friday: “I am … gratified by the presence of the Orthodox, Muslim and Druze delegations, as well as those from the world of culture and from civil society. The happy coexistence of Islam and Christianity, two religions that have helped to shape great cultures, is what makes for the originality of social, political and religious life in Lebanon. One can only rejoice in this circumstance, which must absolutely be encouraged. “God grant that all the peoples of the Middle East may live in peace, fraternity and religious freedom!  May God bless all of you!


This more modern hymn, popular in all Polish churches, was written by the well-known orchestra director Hubert Kowalski. An older version, also still sung, is Wszystko Tobie Dziś  Oddaję, composed by Judson Wheeler van de Venter (1855-1939).

1. Wszystko Tobie oddać pragnę i dla Ciebie tylko żyć,
Chcę Cię Jezu, kochać wiernie, dzieckiem Twoim zawsze być.
Ref.: Serce moje weź, niech Twą śpiewa cześć,
Serce moje, duszę moją, Panie Jezu weź!

2. Wszystko Tobie oddać pragnę od najmłodszych moich lat.
Pomóż Jezu by mnie nie zwiódł, pokusami swymi świat.
Ref.: Serce moje weź, niech Twą śpiewa cześć...

3. Wszystko Tobie oddać pragnę, w duszy czuję dziwny żar.
To Ty dajesz dziecku twemu, swej łaski Boży dar.
Ref.: Serce moje weź, niech Twą śpiewa cześć...

1. I surrender all to you and dedicate my life to you.
Jesus, I want to faithfully trust in you, always as a child of yours
Ref: I dedicate my heart, let it sing your praise.
My heart, my soul, are dedicated to you, O Lord Jesus!

2. I surrender all to you from my earliest years
Help me, Jesus, to not be deceived by the world’s temptations.
Ref: I dedicate my heart, let it sing your praise.

3. I give all to you, in my soul I feel a strange glow.
You give it to thy child, God's gift of his grace.
Ref: I dedicate my heart, let it sing your praise.