Biuletyn / Bulletin – 21-ego lutego 2016 roku / February 21, 2016

Parafia p.w. Narodzenia Najświętszej Maryi Panny
21 Wesley St., Sydney, NS, B1N 2M5
(meeting until our rebuilding at Holy Redeemer Church
with thanks to our friends of Holy Redeemer Parish)
Tel.: (902) 564-4847
Witamy wszystkich! Welcome to all!
We are pleased to share our faith and rich traditions with the whole community.
Established in 1913. Our second century of faith and service … WE WILL RISE AGAIN

PROBOSZCZ/PASTOR:  Father Paul Murphy 564-4355

MSZY/MASSES: Sunday at 9:30 a.m. (temporarily at Holy Redeemer Church)
Wednesday Masses on hold until we rebuild our church.
Novena to Our Lady of Częstochowa will now be said before Sunday Masses.

SPOWIEDŹ:  Godzina do uzgodnienia z księdzem.
SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Anytime upon request to the priest.

SAKRAMENT CHRZTU ŚWIĘTEGO:  Prosimy o kontakt z księdzem conajmniej na 1 miesiąc przed planowaną datę.
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Please contact the priest at least one month in advance.

SAKRAMENT MAŁZEŃSTWA:   Zapowiedzi powinny być ogłoszone conajmniej na 6 miesięcy przed planowaną datę.
SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY: Intentions must be announced at least six months in advance.


Druga Niedziela Wielkiego Postu / Second Sunday of Lent

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION is for Kimberly Crane offered by Shirley Ardelli & family. Wieczny odpoczynek racz Jej dać Panie, a swiatłość wiekuista niechaj Jej świeci na wieki wieków. Amen

Eucharistic Minister for today: Suzanne Campbell

Ushers for collection today: Tony Gniewek, Toni LaRusic



WEDNESDAY MASSES are on hold while we rebuild. Please note that Father Paul leads the Novena to Our Lady of Czestochowa every Sunday before Mass (starting at about 9:10 a.m.), except during Lent. Copies of the Novena are at the back of the church.

Sunday, February 28, 9:30 a.m. The Mass intention will be for Walter Ryba offered by Peggy Ryba.
Lectors:  Anna Wesoƚkowska, Anne Marie Campbell                                                                    
Eucharistic Minister: Janet Hawthorne
Altar Servers:  Brianna, Luca, Matthew
Ushers: Joe Gillis, Robert Melski Jr.
Greeters: Catherine Tucker, Herb Tucker

Collection receipts for Sunday, February 14: $10462.00 (broken down as follows: $962.00 general collection, $9500.00 rebuilding fund which includes an $8900.00 donation from At. Anthony Polish Church in Oakville, Ontario). Thank you very much for your generous support of St. Mary's Polish Parish. Dziekujemy bardzo.

MASS CARDS: To reserve Mass Intentions please call Carolyn Ardelli-Kiley 902-539-1725.

IN MEMORIAM DONATION: To make an In Memoriam donation, please speak with Shauna MacKay. These will be acknowledged in the bulletin. Building Fund contributions will go toward the new church. To contribute to the Rebuilding Fund, if you do not have an envelope, you can write on your regular envelope or cheque “Designated to the Rebuilding of St. Mary’s Polish Church.”

“IMIENINY” (NAME DAYS) FOR THE COMING WEEK. Help to maintain a longstanding Polish Catholic tradition by acknowledging relatives, friends, and colleagues who are celebrating their “name day,” corresponding with the feast day of a saint of the same name.  Where there is more than one saint of the same name who has been assigned a day, your “name day” is the one closest to your birthday. It is customary in the Polish tradition to acknowledge the name day of a relative or friend:
February 21: Eleonora, Feliks, Teodor
February 22: Marta, Małgorzata, Piotr, Wiktor
February 23: Damian, Piotr, Roma, Seweryn
February 24: Maciej, Piotr
February 25: Maciej, Małgorzata
February 26: Aleksander, Mirosław, Ewelina
February 27: Aleksander, Anastazja, Gabriel, Gabriela, Sierosława
February 28: Józef, Roman, Lech



POLISH STUDIO UPDATE (City TV): Polish Studio will do another mini-profile on our rebuilding (10-15 minutes) – including fund-raising appeal -- and some recent milestones, including video footage. It will run either next Saturday (February 27) or the following Saturday (March 5).

CROSS INSTALLATION ON OUR NEW CHURCH: This was delayed a bit, but we're expecting it the first half of this week. Everyone on our parish e-mail list will receive an email before this happens (hopefully the day before).

IMO Emily Pierrynowski from Vicki Aucoin; Joan Mosher; Wayne Joseph
IMO Laurie Fraser from Frank & Delores Starzomski; Krista Ann Starzomski
IMO Bernard MacDonald & Natalie Dicks from Kay MacDonald
IMO Fabian Curry from Fran MacKenzie / Rose Lasowski

IMO Julia Munshaw and Peter Mroz from Shirley Ardelli
IMO Joseph and Josephine Pierrynowski from Victoria Aucoin
IMO deceased members of the Tynski & Bennett family from Julia Bennett
IMO Anasthasia and Stephen Krasowski from Teresa Fagan
IMO Anna and Michael Kiech from Marilyn and Joe Gillis
IMO Julia and Antoni Nowak from Bernie and Jancia LaRusic
IMO Walter and Margaret Rzepa from Mary McMullin
IMO Melnick family from Steve Melnick
IMO Anthony and Jenny Melski from Michael and Ursula Melski
IMO Anthony and Mary Melski from Robert and Michelle Melski
IMO deceased members of the Tynski & Nowak families from Elaine Tynski-Shipley
IMO John Tynski and members of the Tynski and Nowak family from Nellie Tynski
IMO deceased family members from Mickey and Frank Kokocki
IMO Joseph family from Wayne Joseph

CARE COMMITTEE: Several parishioners have suggested a Care Committee so that no one who is homebound or in the hospital or having a difficult time is overlooked for a card, visit, a helping hand, etc. As a parish, we care for each other and the people around us, and we want that to always be important to who we are. We will have a short meeting after Mass on Sunday, February 28, in the O’Connell House for anyone who might like to be part of a Care Committee.

ST. PHILIP'S AFRICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH CHILI AND RICE DINNER: Wed., February 25th, 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Take out only. Chili and Rice dinner. Price is $10.00. Includes Chili, rice, roll, and dessert. Large orders may be called in advance for pickup. No delivery service.

LEARNING THE POLISH LANGUAGE: Would you like to learn basic Polish (simple conversations, words linked to our Masses, etc)? Polish classes for beginners in a fun, recreational setting will begin on Tuesday, March 8. They will run for six Tuesdays from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The classes are geared to adult and teen learners. The classes will be led by Edyta Baczyk. To reserve a place please call 902-563-1226 o e-mail Cost is a total of $30. Zapraszamy wszystkich! Everyone is welcome.

DRAFT DESIGN NOTES: ST. MARY'S POLISH CHURCH BACK SECTION (HALL AREA): We are working on the design now in order to support a grant application for partial support for Phase 2 (completing the hall section), as part of which the hall section will need to be often accessible to the broader public (eg. small library, café).
VISION: Bright meeting/reception area, large and versatile kitchen, small but comfortable library, reading area, café, space usable for rehearsals. The space will overlook the grotto and Polish ogródek (food garden). "Non-institutional" appearance.
WORKING NAME "CENTRUM 1050": (1050 because 2016 marks the 1050th anniversary of Christianity in Poland and is also recognized as the 1050th anniversary of the Polish nation.) This name is by no means finalized – feedback is welcomed.
Professional interior designer Jean Brown recently spent time in the space, and the following are notes from a discussion with her. What do you think? Please speak with any member of the Rada. Everyone's ideas are genuinely welcomed.
·         The concept is to make the space feel warm and welcoming to all.
·         Space has to remain very versatile (eg. always easy to use for after-Mass lunches)
·         Along the wall that separates the back section from the main church we would have book shelves interspersed with curio/display space with traditional Polish folk art or framed photographs significant to the parish and its life as a faith community. Also, well-appointed (not random or cluttered) display space for items significant to the history of the parish and Cape Breton's Polish community.
·         Higher up on the wall, there would be folk art or additional photographs, carefully selected.
·         We would aim for a stone fireplace (electric functioning) – with local or folk art above the mantle.
·        Around the fireplace there would be a comfortable sitting area. The space would be very compact in order to leave most of the hall intact, though these pieces of furniture can be moved out of the way if the entire space is needed for a reception, lunch, etc.
·         In the corner where the back large windows come close to the main church, there would be a small children’s play area (traditional Polish games and wooden toys would be there).
·         On the kitchen side we would place a small coffee/tea bar, with some stools nearby.
·         Although we would store rectangular tables for certain functions, we would try to get a number of smaller round tables (more of a café look). Even for after-Mass lunches we could keep the café tables though bring out two rectangular tables as buffet tables.
·         We would look for mesh blinds – similar to those you see at  many Tim Horton’s, but also maybe a panel type drop-down curtain along the side (it would not cover the windows, but just be decorative).
·         We would have to pay attention to lighting – so that it doesn’t look too “institutional”.

KARTKI POCZTOWE  / FUND-RAISING POST CARDS for our rebuilding (showing how our completed church will look) were distributed by our greeters before Mass last Sunday. Can you send a post card to a friend? There are extra post cards at the back of the church.

Excerpt of Pope Francis' remarks during his visit last week to the penitentiary in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: "At times it may seem that prisons are intended more to prevent people from committing crimes than to promote the process of reintegration that allows us to address the social, psychological and family problems which lead a person to act in a certain way. The problem of security is not resolved only by incarcerating; rather, it calls us to intervene by confronting the structural and cultural causes of insecurity that impact the entire social framework. "Jesus’ concern for the care of the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless and prisoners (cf. Mt 25:34-40) sought to express the core of the Father’s mercy."

TO CONTRIBUTE ON-LINE TO OUR REBUILDING, PLEASE GO TO OUR PARISH WEB HOME PAGE ( and please click the link to our Canada Helps donation page. It’s a secure system and you’ll receive your charitable tax receipt promptly. Thanks for your support! Please spread the word.

REBUILDING FUND ENVELOPES are at the back of the church. Thank you for your support.

REBUILDING FUND CONTRIBUTIONS: Building Fund contributions will go toward the new church. To contribute to the rebuilding if you do not have an envelope, you can also write on your regular envelope or cheque “Designated to the Rebuilding of St. Mary’s Polish Church.”. Donations can also be made by regular mail: St. Mary's Polish Parish 21 Wesley St. , Sydney, N.S. B1N 2M5. We still need to raise about $150,000 to complete Phase 2. Thank you so much for your support.

THE RENOVATED AND REFURBISHED POLISH VILLAGE HALL is a comfortable, well appointed, modernized venue for events large and small. Please consider renting the hall for your events. Please call 564-8494.


Życzenia na miłego nowego tygodnia / Wishing you a blessed week! Bóg zapłać!


TODAY’S HYMNS: Please see bulletin insert for the words.
Entrance: Gwiazdo Śliczna [Resplendent Star]
Offertory: Ludu, Mój Ludu [People, My People]
Communion: O Mój Jezu w Hostii Skryty [O My Jesus, Contained in the Host]
Post-Communion: --
Closing: Któryś Za Nas Cierpiał Rany [You Who Suffered Wounded for Us.]

Closing: "Któryś za nas cierpiał rany, Jezu Chryste, zmiłuj się nad nami" (3 times) ["You who suffered wounds for us, Christ Jesus have mercy on us."]


Lent = Wielki Post (vee-elk-ee / post) – literally "great fast"
Penance = Pokuta
Prayer = Modlitwa
Retreat = Rekolekcja
Stations of the Cross = Droga krzyżowa (literally "road of the cross")