Parish “Assets”

  • Dedicated members and a network of supporters and donors across the country. Parishioners come from across the region, not only Whitney Pier, because of the language, culture, and unique traditions.
  • Cape Breton’s only Polish choir – widely considered one of the best choirs in the region.
  • Cape Breton’s only Polish folk ensemble (Pogoria).
  • A well-maintained sanctuary, with renovations up-to-date. The church is the only provincially designated heritage site honouring Polish Nova Scotians.
  • Tremendous human capacity and “social capital”. In 2011, for example, the community came together to raise money for major renovations to the Polish Village Hall and to renew/modernize the 100-year-old St. Michael’s Polish Benefit Society, which was instrumental in establishing the parish. On December 15, the Lieutenant Governor gave Royal Assent to An Act Respecting the St. Michael’s Polish Benefit Society, the first law in the province with official Polish text.
  • A modern, recently constructed glebe house, which is all paid for.
  • A major contributor to the multicultural character of Cape Breton. The parish has participated with various agencies and organizations in welcoming newcomers, not only newcomers of Polish descent. We are helping to demonstrate that this has long been a diverse community that welcomes immigrants.  This role is important to the economic future of Cape Breton.
  • A caring, spiritual community that works with others and practices understanding and tolerance.
  • Part of the “living heritage” of Whitney Pier and Cape Breton.